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Celtic Harp on the Prairie

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Please visit Mary’s Harp and Piano Studio Page by Clicking Here.

Mary also has a Reiki site where you can download free meditations and learn about events and classes to foster balance for body, mind and spirit.  If you’re interested, please click HERE.

Harpist | Pianist | Arranger | Teacher | Publisher | Editor

 - As a harpist, Mary regularly performs in recitals and concerts.  She also provides music for a variety of social events. Her repertoire consists of melodies from the Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English traditions, as well as movie themes and standard popular songs.  Mary also plays meditative music that is specialized for individuals or small groups.

 - As a pianist and organist, Mary is currently at St. Therese Catholic Parish in Milwaukee as organist/accompanist. She has worked consistently as a sub and accompanist at many churches and schools.

 - As an arranger, she pulls together music for specific combinations of instruments including harp, recorder, cello, organ and bells. Mary publishes and edits music for Afghan Press Music for the Harp.

 - Mary is a traveling music teacher (harp and piano) for MPS.

Mary is actively involved in the following: Harp Lessons | Piano Lessons | Harp Lessons using Skype | Piano lessons using SKYPE | Free Harp Meditation downloads | Reiki Harp Meditations and Sessions | Wedding Harpist | Background Music | Christmas Music for Harp | Christmas Ensembles for harp, cello and flute or harp and cello | Piano Accompaniment | Sacred Music | Church Organist and Pianist | Therapeutic Harp at the Bedside | Young Living Essential Oils (Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist) | Veterinary Homeopathy | Music as a Healing Tool |  832-813-2663 | | Houston and Milwaukee