Mary Radspinner Welcomes you to Heartfelt Music

 © Mary Radspinner 2012

Self Connection and Balance

Using seven beautiful melodies, affirmations and mudras, we focus on the chakras, exploring connection and gratitude in quiet reverence with grateful listening, to oneself and the music. This is a one-hour music meditation and can be done at your spiritual center, your home, chapel, hospital chapel, or any other appropriately reverent location.

Harp Tea

The silence of listening without speaking helps us to draw from our inner wisdom. Bring your favorite book of poetry, a blank journal, a crystal for meditation, or whatever helps you self connect. This can be an amazing experience. We finish with tea and sharing. This can be done in your home or your spiritual center, wherever you can have a nice cup of tea and some quiet reading time.

You are welcome to contact me for more information or to schedule either of these events.


Click the speaker to hear a 35-minute harp improvisation played by Mary.