Mary Radspinner Welcomes you to Heartfelt Music

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Memorial Services

I play a selection of light classical music interspersed with original meditative music by contemporary composers. Much of the music is not recognizable or popular, and that is in most cases soothing and less emotional for all involved. Special selections may be requested.

If you plan to have a singer or other instrumentalist at the service, I'm glad to accompany them. I need to know ahead of time to make sure I have music. There is no extra fee if I can arrive a few minutes ahead of time for a brief run-through. An extra fee is charged for a rehearsal.

Monets Garden.mp3

Click to hear soothing music: Monet’s Garden by Wm. Mahan


Click to hear a portion of Homeward Bound by Marta Keen


Click to hear a portion of Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar


Click to hear a portion of Hewlett (Irish, Carolan tune)

Short samples performed by Mary.


Click to hear “My Shepherd Will Supply” - entire


Click to hear 35-minute improvised meditation.